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Growing up in Minnesota, I was fortunate enough to always have a house full of animals as my companions. I believe that animals are a gift to us and they teach us many important lessons about life. For me personally, they have taught me the value of unconditional love, how to live in the moment and how to be responsible for another being.

When I moved to Los Angeles, I ended up adopting an abused pitbull puppy from a rescue whom I named Lucky. Los Angeles can be a very isolating and tough city, and it was Lucky who was there with me through all of the ups and downs of my life. She was an amazing dog Nike Air Max Classic and she added so much joy to my life, it was because of her that I formed an even stronger connection to animals.

Having been a volunteer at various rescues throughout the years, I decided to volunteer at the South Los Angeles Animal Care Center. What I didn’t know was that South Los Angeles Care Center is packed full of Cheap Jordans amazing dogs and cats and that over nearly half of them will be put to sleep. I was devastated and shocked at this realization.

Sweet adoptable dogs and cats with soulful eyes and wagging tails were being turned in by the owners often times for the most benign reasons and put to sleep days later because of overcrowding at the shelter. The shelter is a very stressful environment for an animal and it crushed me to see the animals that came in that were abused and/or neglected. I wanted to save Cheap Jordans them all! I spent six months of my life obsessed with saving near 50 dogs from death row until I finally came to the conclusion that this is one of my life’s passions and I wanted to build a foundation of people that were passionate about the same mission. I want to help give as many animals I can a life that they deserve filled with love, compassion Buty Nike Damskie and someone to care for them.

I feel that we as humans have made the decision to domesticate dogs and cats and it is our responsibility to make sure they are treated with Buty Nike love and respect. Lucky was the love of my life and she has inspired me to be an advocate in protecting and caring for these beloved creatures and placing them into caring homes.

You can make a difference in the world by adopting an innocent animal and giving them a second chance at life. If you can’t adopt Nike Sklep at this time, please join us in our mission to save these helpless, innocent animals by donating, volunteering, or fostering. Thanks so very much for caring.

Shelley Mack

Founder of Hounds of Hope

In Memory of Lucky