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Hounds of Hope is a non-profit dog rescue foundation that is passionately dedicated to saving the lives of adoptable dogs that are about to be euthanized in the high kill shelters of Los Angeles. We strive to find the safest Canada Goose Jacket and most loving homes for unwanted, neglected and/or abused animals.

Educating people on responsible pet ownership is very important to us. We believe that once you choose to be an animal guardian, that animal’s happiness and quality of life is in your hands. Being an animal guardian can be a huge Cheap Jordans For Sale responsibility, but it can also be a very beautiful and rewarding experience for both you and your adopted dog.

In order to place a dog in a suitable home, we have a screening process which Cheap Jordans Online includes an adoption application, reference checks and a potential adopter home check. This ensures that both the adopter and the adoptee coexist harmoniously. It is important New Jordans that this be a good match so that we can make sure that the dog’s second chance at life in their new home is a safe and loving environment.

Thousands of animals enter the shelter system in Los Angeles every month. Sadly, most Cheap Jordans times less than half of the dogs turned in to the shelter make it out alive. YOU can make a difference. If you are thinking of adding a beloved pet to your life, please Cheap Jordans consider adopting a rescue from the shelter or from a rescue group like ours.